One of the products that reach people from all ages (at least all that are of age) without a lot of advertising is the cigarettes. At least nowadays they don t need ads. People just smoke them not for the ad, but for the quality they offer. All this is combines somewhat with the price of the pack of cigarettes or the bag of tobacco. And ads can t really make you switch from one brand to another, unless you re looking for a new one. However, names are the identity of the cigarette brands, and regular customers are the best ad possible. This naming article is about Marlboro the largest selling brand of cigarettes in the world. Indeed they are widely popular based on their old ad with the cowboy. The ad was created in the 1950 s to convert male smokers to buy Marlboro cigarettes, which were being sold as feminine until then. And the manly cowboy did the trick.

But we re talking about naming here. One may assume the name originated from the town the founder was born in and that wouldn t be unexpected. Many companies are named based on similar ideas (see IKEA post). Furthermore, there are many places called Marlborough all over the world England, Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand etc. How original must it have been to simply change Marlborough spelling to Marlboro? Well, the real story is not too far from the suggestion. Phillip Morris, the founder of the company, opened a shop in which he was selling tobacco and rolled cigarettes. This was in 1847 and the location was Bond Street, London, UK. However, after his death, relatives took care of the business, and eventually it grew enough for a first factory to be opened. The factory was located on Great Marlborough Street, London (you can see what the street looked like around that time here). The owners, a company called Phillip Morris Companies Inc. at the time (the name is Altria Group nowadays), decided to go for a simple name Marlboro. A name that has proven though the years and is the most popular cigarette brand.

If you’re interested in reading more stories on company and brand naming you can check the related naming article on the popular Zippo lighters or something not so related like the naming of the Visa bank cards.


Top 5 e-cigarette brands to use this 2014 – v2 cigs coupon code -40% off discounts and top deals!

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by V2 Code J. B. on January 26, 2014

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In the world of E cigarettes, where E cigarette brands spring up like mushrooms every week, it would be hard for a beginner to choose which brands are the best. Research is needed in order to discover the right brand for you and to make sure that you will not fall for those brands that are just imitations and will leave you with broken parts. Luckily, we re here to help. We ve done all the research, testing and reading for you and list out the top 5 E cigarette brands around.

Whether you re shopping for yourself, your loved one or a friend, these E cigarettes brand will give you a great vaping experience. Here are the top 5 brands in the E cigarette world today.

V2 Electronic Cigarettess For the Versatile Ones
Search the internet for the best E cigarette brands and V2 cigs would definitely be on the list of all of them. This is because V2 cigs is indeed the best brand out there. It has incomparable customer service and quality control like nobody in the industry is doing. But one thing that really stands out about V2 cigs is the power it gives their customers to customize their E cigarettes. From flavors to type of batteries, from cartridge styles and casing colors, you can easily customize your electronic cigarettes to fit your own style every time you purchase in their website. It s perfect for people who are versatile and loves to experiment.

V2 cigs used to be just another e cigarette brand. But these past years, they completely change the game and offer a lot in the table. They added flavors, they already have 12 today (V2 red, sahara, congress, cola, chocolate, cherry, grapes, vanilla, coffee, menthol, peppermint, and green tea). They even allow you to conceptualize your own flavor and let them brew it. V2 Cigs customers can also experiment with whatever e liquid they want (mixing flavors and nicotine strengths) as V2 cigs give them the power to refill their cartridges by their own. They also come out with different types and lengths of batteries including the Ex battery which is a battery that has more output and longer life per charge than their original battery.

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Halo Electronic Cigarettes For the Bold
Halo has two lines of electronic cigarettes, the Halo G6 and the Halo Triton. Halo is a great brand which is also versatile but I would say that the Halo G6 is quite ordinary and just in the middle compare to other brands. What really makes Halo cigs standout is the Halo Triton. It is perfect for the bold and those who wants thicker vapor and heavier throat hit. Halo Triton has a larger battery and larger tank than regular E cigarettes but is still very affordable, allowing them to vape longer hours with thicker vapor. So those who are serial vaper can surely enjoy it.

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Green Smoke For those who enjoy the traditional

Green Smoke is one of the longest running E cigarette company around. This only proves that they produce high quality products and people trust them. For those of you who wants an E cigarettes that looks, feel and taste like actual real cigarettes, then Green Smoke is the best brand for you. The weight and length of their E cigarettes are perfect, the flavors closely taste like real cigarettes and the throat hit and vapor quality is the same as smoking.

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South Beach Smoke For those who love Mac
South Beach Smoke is another high quality E cigarette brand around. It is best know for their batteries long life and their wide selection of flavors. It s nice to see the flavors all line up in their website it reminds me of the Mac icons and flawless apps. So any Mac users who will look at their long line of flavors will truly love it. If you know someone who would like a simple yet tasty electronic cigarette, than South Beach Smoke is the way to go.

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Blu Cigs For those who want to be cool
Blu cigs is another brand who had been in the industry for long now and that is because people love their quality products. They are the first to change the tip led light of E cigarettes to other colors instead of Red. They made theirs Blue and then trademark it. Blu cigs are perfect for those who want to be cool as they are best known for its sleek design and the social feature which lets a Blu cig vibrates whenever another Blu cig user is around 50meters or less. Blu ecigs are indeed perfect for socializing and making new friends. Blucigs is also the brand that has the most commercials and celebrity endorsers making it really looks cool.

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So there you have it, the top E cigarette brands to use this 2014. Stick with what we recommend and you are sure to get the best vaping experience. Although this brand is quite expensive than the others, indeed the quality they make cant be compare to all those cheap knockoffs and every penny you spent is worth it. And wait! if you use the E cigarette coupon codes we shared to you in this article, you can save as much as 50% on your total purchase. So money isn t the object anymore! So buy these E cigarette brands today and dont forget to use our coupon codes. Enjoy!