Stylish, light-colored packaging – that’s JTI Glamour cigarettes. What makes this cigarette one of the best-selling brands is the successful design of the tobacco kitten. At the same time, it is completely free of acidity and heaviness, and the various aromatic additives create a light and noble taste.

Recently, the delicate charm of the filter with its special button has become very popular. The secret of this design lies in the flavor capsule sewn inside the filter. It is located just below the graphic button on the filter.

Simply press the button until it “clicks” and enjoy the tobacco flavor. Another advantage of this cigarette is that you can choose when to press the button. For example, one can press the button at the beginning of the smoke or at the end of the smoke to experience the aftertaste of the smoke. The button cigarette is marketed under the name Glamour cigarettes and comes with one flavor capsule. According to the description, the aroma is dominated by floral and citrus notes, complemented by white honey and amber.

All cigarette manufacturers produce cigarettes in a variety of flavors, from light to strong. This brand is no exception.

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What are Glamour cigarettes?

The strength of Glamour cigarettes can be distinguished by the carton’s appearance: Amber or yellow Glamour cigarettes. Light tobacco with a low nicotine content of 1 mg. This makes it popular among women who want to enjoy a lighter tobacco flavor. Sky blue or blue Glamour cigarettes. Strong tobacco flavor. Glamour Azul is popular among women who prefer a good quality tobacco with an average nicotine content of less than 3 mg. Clove or Pink Glamour cigarettes. The strongest tobacco with a nicotine content of 5 mg. Ideal for women who like the taste of real tobacco and its unique rich smoke flavor. These cigarettes can be smoked in a business setting or at home on a holiday after a busy day.