Designed for women – made for everyone. In fact, right from the start, Vogue cigarettes were mainly developed for female smokers, who still make up the brand’s largest group of buyers to this day. The fact that a famous singer like Madonna also smoked Vogue cigarettes in one of her music videos naturally contributed enormously to this special image later on. But it goes without saying that it is not only women who smoke Vogue cigarettes – especially not since there were some new variants that should appeal to every discerning smoker. Because, and one should be honest: in the end it all depends on the quality offered. And this should satisfy both women and men without exception at Vogue.

How strong are Vogue cigarettes? The current range of Vogue cigarettes comprises a total of 5 variants, in which every smoker – as long as he has got an overview – should get his money’s worth. The Bleue Vogue cigarettes, for example, are the thinnest variant, which nevertheless has a lot of strength with values ​​of 0.7 mg nicotine, 8 mg condensate / tar and 8 mg carbon monoxide. It is very similar with the Vogue Bleue Claire, only that they are a bit thicker and also have a so-called flow filter.

As a lighter counterpart, the Vogue Lilas have been developed, which also come in the super slim format, but only have values ​​of 0.4 mg nicotine, 4 mg condensate / tar and 3 mg carbon monoxide. It becomes extremely interesting with the two varieties Vogue Caractere Bleue (slim format, 0.6mg nicotine, 8mg condensate / tar and 9mg carbon monoxide) and Vogue Caractere Lilas (normal format, 0.3mg nicotine, 3mg condensate / tar and 3mg carbon monoxide) ). In this case, there is little more than to try out the variants – and then pick out your own personal favorite.

How do Vogue cigarettes taste? Similar to the description of the different strength variants, the same applies to the taste of Vogue cigarettes, or should one rather say: the taste experience? After all, smokers can expect slightly different impressions in the end, depending on whether they opt for a slim version, a lighter one, a stronger one or one in the middle. What all varieties have in common, however, is that only extremely high quality tobacco is used – and there are no additives. After all, and to underline the expressiveness of the brand, one can even say about the comparatively light Vogue Caractere Lilas that they have a surprisingly pleasant flavor.