Karelia cigarettes are a world-renowned luxury modern cigarette brand owned by the George Karelias and Sons family. Although the trademark was introduced in 1995, the history of the parent company dates back to 1888. The company was founded by George Karelias, a Greek tobacco grower.

Karelia Tobacco is one of the oldest tobacco companies. – Karelia Tobacco is one of the oldest tobacco companies. After being founded in the 19th century, the company has managed to survive and remain independent despite its age, adhering to the original Greek tradition of tobacco cultivation. The company’s main products are cigarettes, boxed tobacco, cigarettes and cigarillos.

The need to expand George Karelias and Sons’ loyal customer base has been perfectly addressed, bringing the younger generation into the ranks of the brand’s supporters. Karelia cigarettes are manufactured using an innovative technology, high-efficiency filters, Karelia Slims Cigarettes are manufactured using an innovative technology, high-efficiency filters, pure, high-quality tobacco, and natural paper.

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What are Karelia cigarettes?

Karelia cigarettes are easy to smoke and have a strong flavor. The manufacturer uses no synthetic additives, tobacco syrups, flavors, or genetically modified products. Because only natural ingredients are used in the tobacco blend, Karelia cigarettes are organic cigarettes in the narrow sense of the word. If you want to get in touch with your Greek heritage and experience the flavor of naturally grown, natural tobacco, we strongly recommend you to contact our online store of our company. Their Oriental Greek tobacco is characterized by high sugar content (20%). This tobacco imparts a pleasant aftertaste and light flavor. The drying of the raw material is done by a technique developed by the manufacturer. Instead of the common fire drying process, steam drying is used.