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Complex, distinctive flavors make this smoke a favorite of cigar connoisseurs everywhere. The Camacho Corojo, a truly superb tasting and fully aged cigar, has a distinctive flavor recognized by cigar aficionados around the world. Entirely handmade from selected vintage tobaccos, giving them their truly distinctive and superb flavor. Drum products are available in more than 45 countries worldwide, but around 40 per cent of volume is still sold in the Netherlands. Samson Halfzware is a mild European tobacco, and the next closest to an American style cigarette. Closest in flavor to a Pall Mall Straight or a Virginia Slim, Samson Halfzware is sure to satisfy every cigarette smoker. Samson Halfzware is made with a mediun shag cut. With hints of spice throughout, and cedar and chocolate flavors with hints of honey discerned by the advanced palate, this is one satisfying stogie you will want to keep in your humidor. In fact, time does wonders for a Montecristo Especial No. 2, which only gets better with age (five years or more is recommended). With a ring gauge of 38 and 152 mm (6″) long, this fine crafted cigar is a product of Havana, Cuba. Mild and silky smooth, these have been a favorite of smokers for decades. And if you want to look like a big shot? Just stick a band from an expensive cigar on one of these to fool your buddies! Flor de A. Allones is a private Honduran brand carefully crafted for many years on behalf of Alfred Dunhill Ltd. to satisfy its Havana smoking clientele.

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