West CigarettesNow there is a great variety of brands of cigarettes and cigars, out of which everyone can choose his/her, own style. And namely it is possible to choose his/her unique taste, special kind of filtering and individual way of smoking. Smoking rules the world and your craving of cigarettes.

The cigarettes of the West brand are owned by British Company Imperial Tobacco Company, the production of West cigarettes is carried out by a subsidiary of Reemtsma.

This brand includes several varients: long (100 mm), King Size (85 mm) and short ones (70 mm), 19, 20, 25 or 30 cigarettes per pack, hard and soft packs. Since the beginning of the 90s it became popular in more than 100 countries, especially in Western, Central and Eastern Europe.

Today West cigarette are the second-largest cigarettes brand according to sales in Germany, the leading brand in Slovenia and Slovakia, Russia, Azerbaijan and Poland.

The trademark of West cigarettes turned out to be the main sponsor of McLaren’s formula one, which was renamed into the West Mercedes McLaren in 1997. In July 2005, West ended the relationship with McLaren in connection with the European law on the prohibition of tobacco advertising.

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The new brand includes three versions:

West Tri-logic Red

Tar – 10mg
Nicotine – 0,8mg

West Tri-logic Silver

Tar -6mg
Nicotine- 0,5mg

West Tri-logic Blue

Tar 4mg
Nicotine – 0,4mg

The design of new items is made in silver, white and red tones. The slogan of the brand – “The trilogy of success” – combines three advantages of the brand: quality of international level, modern design and affordable price.

Slogans of West cigarettes:
Light. Trendy. Stylish. ( West Ultra)
West cigarettes. Pure adrenaline.

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