benson&hedges_smoothThe historical background of the Benson and Hedges brand started in 1873 in London when Richard Benson and William Hedges established the Benson and Hedges Ltd.

The privately-owned company was owned by Alfred Paget Hedges in 1885 after Mr. Richard Benson resigned.

The business success was affirmed by a Royal Warrant, which was granted to the Benson and Hedges Ltd. in 1878 after the company been providing cigarettes for the King’s Family amid five years.

The eve of the twentieth century was set apart by augmentation of the Benson and Hedges organization in the USA and Canada where its subsidiaries were established. Since 1928, the US obedient isolated itself from the mother company; it was gained by Philip Morris in 1958. The parental Benson and Hedges Ltd. situated in the United Kingdom was bought by the Gallaher Group in 1955.

In spite of the fact that the mother company really does not exist now, the brand is still promoted under a similar unique trademark. New proprietors did not attempt to re-brand these cigarettes. The achievement mystery is essentially clarified. The nature of these cigarettes did not change since years.

Clients who purchase these cigarettes now can appreciate a similar Virginia tobacco taste the same number of years prior.

Unique originators were adroit individuals who realized what the customers anticipate from cigarettes and the notoriety is still kept by this cigarette mark. Simply new cigarette forms seemed alike the North American Benson and Hedges cigarette mark, which is dispersed under the “Philip Morris” trademark.

We could enlighten long regarding the stunning fragrance, fiery taste, consummate nature of these cigarettes.

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