Find the best e cigarette brand for you or your friends by reading our analysis. We hold nothing back, and our e cigarette reviews are based on personal use, use by people close to us, far from us, and in between us. You’ll never get more opinions from a wider variety of vapor cig smokers than at Cal’s review site!

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Translation this is a conglomerate of reviews, a virtual library and consensus of minds from near and far, from all walks of life. These are the “mean” reviews, based on a plethora of information. In short, these aren’t slighted by one race, creed, sex, or demographic. Enjoy.

The first review we ever posted online was our Blu Cigs review. This brand is one of the most widely distributed on the market, and is available in places like Walgreens.

Something you can’t buy at Walgreens, but are sure to like if you are a fan of smoking hookah, is the electronic hookah review. It’s taste is JUST like a hookah, only there are no coals to constantly light and no tobacco packets to always refill.

If you are looking for the cheapest e cig brand, check out our newly posted Bull Smoke Review.

This brand sells the SAME or HIGHER quality starter kits but for a lower price. Their model is just basically to acquire customers because they believe in their product line so much. It’s been compared to the top rated electronic cigarette brands and has a serious following due to their amazing customer service, no frills offer (you won’t find much other than batteries and cartridges, but what else do you really need?), and their in your face, rough and tough logo.

Lastly, if you are looking to really get in on the cheap, we’re starting to talk about various disposable e cigs that are sold at gas stations, convenience stores, and more. These electric cigs are the kind you can throw away after you’ve used up all the puffs normally around 250 300. They are great if you forget to bring along your e cig battery or don’t have any way to recharge your electric cigarette battery. Other than that, as mentioned, you can get one for under $10 normally and use it as a way to see if you like smoking e cigs. However, the disposables, at least in our opinion, aren’t as high in quality as regular e cigs sold in starter kits.

A brand that has us screaming for more was just reviewed.

Check out the V2 Cigs review and see why it’s winning over customers by giving the ability to custom build your order on their website right before your eyes. With so many options, this brand is really impressing even the most discerning of customers.

It’s also important that you know what goes into our recommendations we make in each electronic cigarette review.

On that note, check out how we decide on what is the best e cigarette.

Here’s an informational video about the electronic cigarette, by Dr. Lynne Dawkins.

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The electronic cigarette industry is a relatively new one too, that’s why we do our best to keep a blog that offers you the most important news, inform you about the newest trends and teaches you how to use and do the maintenance of your ecigarette. This way, you only have to follow us and get all the information you will ever need. We are also extremely social! We run daily updated social media profiles on almost every network, and someone will answer your questions at any hour. That, if you didn’t already started a live chat with one of us directly on the website.

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Using e cigarettes is one of the latest trends, and people are daily deciding to make the big switch, that’s why we will continue writing about our favorite kits, new technologies and the flavors that satisfy our demands in order to help you become a electronic cigarette savy that won’t spend money on products that won’t fulfill your demands. All this in a friendly environment where we appreciate your insights and try to create a solid community.