You may recognize many of these product brands and be less familiar with others. Each product is designed to bring out specific qualities and characteristics of tobacco and meet the high expectations of our customers. You can find out more here Cigarettes

We manufacture cigarettes in 23 countries around the world with tobacco leaf sourced from over 50 countries.

For cigarettes we work with three main tobacco varieties virginia, burley and oriental, each grown and cured by thousands of farmers worldwide.

The consistent quality and particular taste of an individual brand of cigarette may still involve many different sources and grades of tobacco leaf. So to ensure we achieve exactly the right blend every time, we sample tobacco leaf continuously from many different suppliers and countries.

We often describe the supply side of our industry as an ever changing global street market where manufacturers of tobacco products must shop carefully if they are to meet expectations of consistent quality and taste.

Our cigarette portfolio contains eight Global Flagship Brands and more than 60 other cigarette brands that we market regionally.


Cigars are made with whole tobacco leaf used as the outer wrapper and bunches of leaves known as fillers creating the contents. Additional leaves known as binders are used to hold the tobacco fillers together. We sell both hand and machine made cigars to over 20 markets worldwide.

To produce the desired tobacco flavors, fillers of different strengths are blended together. Before trimming and packing, cigars are dried in a conditioning room to ensure they have the correct level of moisture.

Our major cigar brand is Hamlet, which is manufactured at our factory in Lisnafillan, Northern Ireland.

Rolling tobacco

Fine cut tobacco packed in loose form in pouches is known as rolling tobacco. It s used to produce roll your own cigarettes using rolling papers. In some brand pouches the rolling papers are included.

Filters can be brought separately and placed with tobacco in the rolling paper.

Once considered to be a lower grade of tobacco, rolling tobacco today is made to the same high standards as cigarettes with equal consideration being given to creating quality blends of individual aroma and flavor.


Traditionally used in Scandinavia, JTI produces authentic snus in a dedicated factory
in Sweden.

Snus is a tobacco product that, instead of being smoked, is placed in the mouth between the lip and the gum to allow flavors to disperse slowly. Made from expertly blended tobaccos, pure water, salt and essential oils, our snus brands balance heritage and innovation to bring consumers a unique range of products.

A high tech factory that relies on traditional Swedish know how, our site at V rg rda produces both loose and portioned snus.

What brand of cigarettes did christopher hitchens smoke: tilling my patch of the content farm

What are ecstacy brand cigarettes?

In mid December, 2011, so almost exactly six months ago, Christopher Hitchens died. I didn’t know the man, so I couldn’t write much of a remembrance of him, but I did get to meet him once, so I typed up a little memoiristic essay about the time he smoked a cigarette in a Columbia journalism school classroom. Bittersweet, a little funny. Very Hitchens. I moved on with my life and my dissertation.

One of the nice features about using WordPress as a blogging platform is that it provides a fairly robust set of statistics telling me who visited the site and where they came from. The Hitchens post got me a little spike for the first few days, which didn’t surprise me. I knew some of my Twitter followers would see it, and so would my Facebook friends and even some people who searched for information on Hitchens. I even suspected I would get some traffic for people looking up the cigarette angle. After all, he died of esophageal cancer, and there could very well be a connection.

What I didn’t bank on though was the fact that six months later, hardly a day goes by that the search string “Christopher

Hitchens cigarette brand” or something of that sort brings people to my blog. It’s not huge, maybe 3 5 page views a day. But that’s a good 600 or so over six months, right? (I did the math in my head.) I mentioned this to my dissertation adviser a few weeks ago, and he suggested I rename the blog “What brand of cigarettes did Christopher Hitchens smoke?” and start selling ads based on the waves of traffic I’d get from that bit of SEO.

Why is it that people are so fascinated by his brand of cigarettes (by the way, the answer appears to be Rothmans (thanks to commenter Chad for the heads up). When I was searching for my own post so that I could link to it above, I started typing “what brand of cigarettes ” into my Safari search box, and got the list of suggested searches that the image in this paragraph depicts (by the way, changing from “did” to “does” gives a completely different list notice that only Obama is alive among the suggestions do people really think Obama’s smoking is in the past tense?). My deduction about people’s curiosity, based on this list, is somewhat depressing. These people are all glamorous. Marilyn Monroe. James Dean. John Lennon. Kurt Cobain. And of course, all of these examples died too young. On the plus side for Hitchens, he’s as cool as John Wayne (or two notches less cool, going by rank order), and a notch cooler than the Beatles (Lennon excepted). On the downside, it means that cigarettes are still seen as being a symbol of cool, and people want to know what brand they should be smoking so that they too can be cool. Not surprising I guess, but still sad.

Anyway, I choose to take the happier conclusion that ornery, erudite, iconoclastic journalist essayists are as important to the world as the Beatles. And as cool as James Dean, though Hitchens was a rebel of many causes.

Postscript I suspect, of course, that owing to the proliferation of Christopher Hitchens cigarette references in this post, it’s on its way to becoming my all time more popular. Interested advertisers are welcome to contact me by email.