CigarettesMen are more predisposed to smoke cigarettes in order to control their emotions more than women. They think that this is the obvious solution to fight all the hindrances. It is an undeniable truth. The studies proved that females are more spitually and sensitively influenced by cigarettes than male smokers. The outcomes pointed out that men smoke a cigarette more frequently than women. If they have melancholia, undergo difficult period or are just agitated, smoking is their first aid. Smoking was also called as the quick method to diminish frustration and panic manifestations in men.

“Before this investigarion was carried out, scientists claimed that females did smoke cigarettes to a greater extent due to peculiar properties but this does not turn out to be the studied matter in everyday life,” said Ralph Delfino, the chief of the project at the American Lung Association international conference. “The outcomes made us believe that ladies smoke less for mood control than men and public relationships may be a symbol why they use cigarettes, what inspired them to act in such a way.”

As statistics states, 26% of females and 27% of males are smokers in UK. Despite the fact that there was registered an absolute decrease in smoking phenomenon in the past twenty years, the number of young girls smoking has moved from 25% in 1986 to 30% in 1996. This is a high level.

Clive Bates, the conductor of Action on Smoking and Health said that it is required to follow one important aspect while supporting people in their decision to stop smoking. This aspect comprises the notion of what is on people’ minds and why they come to such a conclusion. The research registered 25 females and 35 males, from 18 to 42, who wrote their sensations in a diary during several days; they described their spirits and smoking mannerisms. The greatest desire for smoking was more closely connected to the feeling of being upset, tension and circumspection in males than in females. Feelings of melancholia or tiredness were triggered by the craving to smoke urgently.

When males smoked cigarettes they did not feel such a great degree of melancholia and it lessened their feelings of displeasure. In females, on the contrary, smoking was triggered by the feelings of joy which were not registered in men.

Dr Delfino confirms that the outcomes denote gender differences taking the effect of nicotine on the central nervous system into account. This happens due to reciprocal actions with hormones. It is stated that smoking quitting programs would be more forceful if they were recommended differently for males and females and if they were specially elaborated for people oriented on their individual properties. Men tend to stop smoking if they really want only if it is a simple desire because of health benefits, and maybe new direction of life dictates new flexible way of attitude. But, women may probably comment that they want to stop smoking because of their family and kids, or due to childbearing.