While we re in the US, patiently waiting for the FDA to release their pending regulations on ecigarettes, the EU is moving full speed ahead. On February 26, 2014, the European Parliament formally ratified the revised Tobacco Products Directive, which governs the manufacture, presentation, advertisement and sale of tobacco products (now including e cigs) in the European Union.

It s been a long road for ecigarettes in the EU but, things are about to start shifting. Once the Council of Ministers adopts the revised directive, the new rules will come into effect this should happen by May 2014.

This is a victory, said Linda McAvan, the rapporteur who led negotiations and is a current member of the European Parliament, The original proposal was stricter, and I would have voted for that, but the new law is anyway a huge step forward in tobacco control, she added.

What does this mean for ecigarettes? We compiled a detailed list of the new rules that relate to e cigs

These rules only apply to products that contain nicotine
There will be a maximum nicotine concentration level for all e liquid products
There will be a maximum volume of e liquid within any container, including flavor cartridges, bottles and tanks
E liquid containers (including flavor cartridges, bottles and tanks) must be child and tamper proof, and they must be protected against leakage
E liquid manufacturers will be required to disclose all included ingredients and their concentrations, and comply with specific quality standards
Nicotine delivery must be consistent (each puff should deliver roughly the same amount of nicotine as the last)
Packaging must include health warnings and information about the addictiveness and toxicity of nicotine
Packaging must include a list of all ingredients in the e liquid, as well as information about the nicotine content
Advertising restrictions for tobacco products will also apply to ecigarettes
Ecigarettes will not be classified as medicines or marketed as tools for smoking cessation they will remain consumer tobacco products

Additionally, electronic cigarette manufacturers will have to report annual sales and customer data to EU Member States allowing policymakers to monitor new developments in the industry. A press release from the European Commission stated, The information collected will provide a good overview of what additional legislative action, if any, is required for e cigarettes , and the Commission will revisit the issue if necessary. Future revisions aren t out of the question.

According to the New York Times Editorial Board,

These rules strike a good balance. Smokers who want to switch to electronic cigarettes will still be able to do so with the knowledge that the devices are not contaminated and do not contain excessive, harmful doses of nicotine. At the same time, the marketing restrictions should make it less likely that they will be used by children.

We couldn t have said it better. At V2 Cigs , we take pride in our high standards for quality control and responsible manufacturing. Our published lists of e liquid ingredients are available for download on our website. We are members of the We Card program and actively enforce age requirements, both online and in all retail locations. To put it simply, we look forward to whatever regulatory decisions the FDA hands down hopeful that our rigorous self regulation will one day be the rule, not the exception.

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You can also read a list of mythbusters about the new electronic cigarette legislation (created by the European Commission)

You know we ll keep you updated of any new happenings! What do you think of the EU s decision to regulate ecigarettes?

E-cigarettes: safer alternative to tobacco or potential health risk?

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E cigarettes are often presented as a solution for smokers who want to quit their deadly habit but struggle to overcome their nicotine addiction, but how safe are they? Should they be regulated as medication or as tobacco products? These issues are currently being considered as part of a review of the tobacco products directive. MEPs also debated it with experts during a workshop on 7 May.

The pros and cons of e cigarettes

E cigarettes are seen as a safer alternative to tobacco as althought they provide users with nicotine, the level of toxic substances in the vapour is much lower than in smoke from regular cigarettes.

However, not that much is known about them as there are no studies on the long term effects on people. They contain harmful substances and can lead to nicotine addition. Flavourings could also pose a health risk and e cigarettes could prove attractive to young people. Finally, they have never been proved completely safe.

Both the European Commission and the World Health Organisation propose that e cigarettes are regulated like pharmaceuticals but the industry prefers that they are regulated as tobacco products.

Need for best possible regulation

Linda McAvan, a British member of the S&D group, who is responsible for steering the revision of the tobacco products directive through Parliament, urged caution “I know that people have very strong feelings on this subject but we as MEPs are here to get the best possible regulation of these products, not to ban them.”

Peter Liese, a German member of the EPP group, added “E cigarettes are dangerous, especially when they are not properly manufactured, so we cannot just leave them unregulated.”

Benefit or burden?

Experts differed on the approach to e cigarettes during the workshop in the Parliament on 7 May. Roberto Bertolini, a representative of the World Health Organisation to the EU, said “There are no studies that can prove that there won’t be long term consequences.” Dr Charlotte Pisinger, a researcher at the Research Centre for Prevention and Health in Copenhagen, added “Let’s not repeat the errors of the past.”

However, Dr Jean Francois Etter, of the University of Geneva’s medicine faculty, stressed “E cigarettes are a lot safer than smoking real cigarettes and there is proof that e cigarettes help people to quit smoking.”