buy cigarettes onlineThe original Marlboro cigarettes were positioned as an exclusively female brand. But this positioning was caused by the reason and thanks to the women’s movement for women’s suffrage. Suffragettes fought fiercely for the provision of the weaker sex suffrage and full gender equality in general. “If a man is able to smoke cigarettes – we, too, should have the same right!”

Around the slogan they fought for the right to have the habits as men have and demanded this right to become available to them.

Philip Morris decided to use this chance and take another free niche of women’s cigarettes market while this attempt was not undertaken by someone else. All the time before those cigarettes before these cigarettes became an exclusively male product, it was a real problem how to make a feminine advertising for them. However, creative people have coped with it very well. A feminine slogan was created – “Such sweet as May”, and the leading American actress and sex symbol Mae West was invited to advertise these cigarettes at that time.

A key feature was the appearance of these cigarettes. The traditional brown filter was replaced to a red one. This color was chosen for two reasons: firstly, the red color is mostly considered as the “feminine” color (it is the general opinion), and at second, a filter of such color could conceal a trace of lipstick. Although a quite good job of advertisers confirms that the brand had a stunning success. It is impossible to be otherwise as the cigarettes are still so popular among women as among men. The role is also confirmed by the fact that in those years, scientists had for the first time made an official statement that smoking can cause lung cancer.

The owner of the brand Marlboro, Philip Morris began to seriously fear huge losses. He came to the conclusion that it is necessary to carry out the re-branding and focus on those who are unable to quit the habit of smoking, even knowing about its dangers. Filtered cigarettes, of course, are less harmful to health, however, the men refused to buy them because such cigarettes were considered “feminine”. For help in creating a new brand image of the old Morris appealed to the talented advertisers Leonard Burnett.

He suggested several images that could become the face of the male is now the brand Marlboro: sailor, construction, mining cowboy. They decided to select the image of the cowboy as he seemed the most courageous and fearless.

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